Our Offering



  • Improve operating efficiencies
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase tank utilization
  • Reduce claims
  • Minimize PTI costs
  • Receive automated alarms
  • Secure quality of cargo
  • Pre-empt critical conditions
We develop both generic as well as tailor-made solutions with our own R&D, production and assembly team

We only work with high-end components from leading suppliers and all our sensors are thoroughly tested by independent external test agencies. We are proud that our company stakes its reputation on the build-quality and operational stability of our products, which our customers tell us are world-leading.

ATEX Certification

Tank containers are often used in hazardous areas and are designed to store hazardous cargoes. ATEX certification, as required by EU Directive 94/9/EC, is therefore essential. All IMT sensors are certified to ATEX (Zone 1, T4) and can therefore be operated in potentially explosive atmospheres.



Data security

Data security is critically important for all of IMT’s products and services. All data communication between the sensors and IMT’s servers is therefore data-encrypted and our platform contains different security aspects, e.g. interface security, evidence of identity and data use monitoring.

RF wireless data

All our sensors are wireless-connected, so installation is very fast and cable-less. Communications are based on the 2.4GHz protocol (IEEE 802.15.4) and are encrypted to guarantee the maximum level of security. All IMT sensors are “ITSS-ready” which ensures manufacturer-independent data exchange.


Intermodal Telematics present at Transport Logistic 2019 in Munich

ISO 27001 – Data Security

TWS – R&D Full/Empty sensor

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