Intermodal Telematics (IMT), specialist and thought leader in state-of-the-art telematics solutions for the tank container and railcar industry, introduces the Rochester Level sensor (RL22-Ex). The RL22-Ex is a sensor that is used together with a third-party, compatible Rochester Level Gauge to create a digital level sensing solution for tank containers and tank wagons. The purpose of the RL22-Ex is to display and monitor the liquid level inside of a tank container or tank wagon and to wirelessly send the measured level values to an IMT communication and location terminal (CLT/HCT), which, in turn, transmits the sensor data to the IMT platform where it can be accessed remotely via IMT’s web application. Monitoring the liquid level of the cargo with IMT’s web application increases transport visibility and improves operational efficiency.

When installed on a tank, the RL22-Ex displays the fill level on-site. The RL22-Ex measures liquid level by connecting to a compatible Rochester level gauge, and is installed on the magnetic coupling plate through a special sensor housing. This probe is connected by cable to a digital sensor with a display. Therefore, an existing Rochester analog level gauge can be converted to a digital readout by replacing the analog dial with the IMT probe. This allows the RL22-Ex to read and store measured liquid levels. In case the client chooses to work wirelessly, it is possible to connect the RL22-Ex wirelessly to a Wireless Display (WD19-Ex).

Thanks to IMT’s open and free API, this telematics solution can be effortlessly integrated into any existing Transport Management System (TMS). This allows monitoring of the actual versus expected fill rate of a tank container or rail wagon. By combining geoposition data from IMT’s main gateway (CLT20-Ex) and the modular, extensible IMT web portal, complex business rules can be implemented. This allows alert notifications to be limited to certain circumstances, for example, alert notifications configured only when the level changes outside loading or unloading zones. 

The RL22-Ex is ATEX IIC certified and can therefore be used to transport hazardous and non-hazardous liquids in all sectors: (Petro)Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Food, etc. The sensor can be updated wirelessly (OTA) with new firmware via the IMT Communication and Location Terminal (CLT/HCT), no matter where the container or rail car is located, at any time of day.

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