“There comes a time when you have to join in. Whoever only starts then, will be too late.”

– Peacock –

Peacock Container is an ISO tank leasing company with 5.500 containers and HQ in Singapore. Our customers want more insight into their freight traffic. That is why we work together with IMT on smart solutions.

Jesse Vermeijden, Managing Director of Peacock: ‘We have been applying sensors for a while now, even though we are in a sector that is not exactly at the forefront of this; leasing companies simply benefit from inefficiency. But there comes a time when every customer will ask for this. If you only start then, you will be too late. That is why Technical Manager Dirkjan Journee, together with TU Delft, has been already conducting two studies on the use of sensors. We are particularly interested in the temperature developments and cooling rates under different circumstances, because our customers want to know this. We were already able to offer them that, just not yet remotely. That is why we contacted IMT.’

‘All new tanks are now equipped with a digital thermometer and the special containers also have a CLT (Communication & Location Terminal) with various sensors, all from IMT. This does not only have value for the customer, but also for us. At present, leasing companies do not know where their assets are. This is not experienced as a problem, because it has always been like that, but financiers and insurers see it differently. With trackable containers you can go to more banks and financiers and you can negotiate a lower premium with your insurer.

But the shipper has the biggest interest. He is particularly interested in the platform that IMT offers, because combining data is the key to higher efficiency, product quality and safety. IMT is currently at the forefront in that area, and Peacock is happy to join.’

Jesse Vermeijden,
Managing Director Peacock