How to increase your safety and quality by using telematics solutions?

Digitization in the logistics sector is in full swing. Prompted by the significant benefits from efficiency, safety, quality and – last but not least – cost savings, more and more companies are opting for this shift. In this process the use of telematics has also increased enormously in recent years. Shippers, cargo owners, leasing companies in both the tank container and railcar market are equipping their fleets with IMT’s devices and sensors to optimize their logistics processes.

Telematics is a game changer, particularly in the transport of chemicals. Monitoring both the asset and the cargo with, for example, pressure and temperature sensors is essential for shippers and operators in particular, because it enables them to combine data; the key enabler to higher efficiency, product quality and safety.

IMT Special Temperature Monitoring

In the IMT Telematics Special “Temperature Monitoring” we offer you practical insights in the use of telematics based on our years of experience in telematics solutions, with a focus on the added value of telematics in temperature monitoring:

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