EPCA annual meeting 2023 addresses powerful and vital theme in our market

In the last week of September, the EPCA annual meeting takes place with the theme “Collaboration for Impact”. This theme truly inspires us. We also see the crucial importance of stimulating positive impact to address market spread issues. Think about creating safe transport, preventing incidents, and thereby protecting the environment and ecosystems.

We understand the daily importance of safety issues of our customers in the tank container and rail car industry in the transportation of liquid bulk goods such as chemicals and LNG. Safety and monitoring are of utmost importance during transports due to the nature of these goods, necessitating meticulous attention to detail. In discussions with our customers, they consistently stress the value of finding telematics solutions that align with their operational processes, focusing on collaboration with operators, leasing companies and cargo owners alike.

In addition, safety measures play a critical role in preventing overheating or incidents that could impact both the transport & content and the environment. Telematics technology serves as a proactive tool in prevention,with features such as temperature gradients, thresholds and alert notifications so that cargo owners and operators can properly monitor the transport remotely and take timely preventive action. These capabilities make a substantial difference in mitigating risks and enhancing safety standards.

Everyone in the logistics business is also aware of the impact of high energy and raw material costs, increasing regulations and risks in complex transports. Through effective cooperation, we create more impact together, by jointly developing an effective data and alert system, cleverly linking systems and being able to act preventively. The very fact that incidents are rare in tank container and rail car transport shows how big the impact is! Thanks to the cooperation, we can also work together on more efficient transport, use less fuel, use assets more intelligently and prevent energy-waste (think of unnecessary heating of cargo which can be prevented).

We find each other through open discussions and sharing knowledge and information, and understand the dynamics of all processes. The fact that we can create impact through collaboration inspires us. We learn an enormous amount from customers, and stand up for their wishes and needs. No challenge is too big for us to think about how we can win by saving costs, increasing safety, affordability and sustainability. But we realise that only through intensive cooperation will that impact be greatest!

We will be present at EPCA 57th Annual Meeting (25-28 September 2023 in Vienna), and look forward to exchanging ideas on this with you.

On behalf of IMT’s Sales Team,

Bernard Heylen (Sales Director), Arne Bergmann (Key Account Manager DACH countries) and Jeroen Schots (Key Account Manager – BeNeLux & UK)

PS. If you are not attending the EPCA Annual Meeting (EPCA members only), you can always exchange views with us on these topics at another time convenient to you. You are always welcome! Feel free to contact our Sales team for an appointment or no-obligation demonstration, just call +31 76 231 02 00 or send us an email: [marketingsales] @ intermodaltelematics.com.