“The pleasant cooperation in combination with the insights Kube & Kubenz gained and the accuracy with which Kube & Kubenz can follow the cargo made this logistics specialist in chemical gases decide to expand the cooperation with IMT.”

– Kube & Kubenz –

For many years Kube & Kubenz has been transporting and providing logistics for liquid and free-flowing hazardous goods and extremely sensitive gases. Kube & Kubenz operates throughout Europe with a focus on DACH and BENELUX countries as well as France, Italy and Spain. As a logistics specialist in chemical gases Kube & Kubenz is equipped with a fleet of 1,250 tanks and 150 own tractor units.  Mr. Konstantin Kubenz, Managing Partner at Kube & Kubenz: “The ability to continuously monitor the transport of such sensitive and dangerous gases is of paramount importance. The transport of substances such as ethylene oxide, dimethyl ether or butadiene requires insight and temperature as well as pressure monitoring.

We were looking for a strong telematics partner who, like us, consider that customer service, quality and safety are very important. We came into contact with IMT at a trade fair and then embarked on a test phase together. The pleasant cooperation in combination with the insights we gained and the accuracy with which we can follow the cargo made us decide to expand our cooperation. With the telematics solutions and web interfaces, IMT enables us to offer our customers the transparency and information they are looking for. The added value of IMT is the associated innovative strength; we feel that our telematics needs are being met.

When choosing telematics and incorporating telematics in your whole organisation, you don’t take any chances. Of course, we conducted a benchmark. However, IMT exceeded our expectations in meeting our extensive wish list. Accuracy is the first thing I want to mention; the number of pings gives us exactly the insight we need.”

“The platform appealed to us in particular with its appearance and operation. We, as well as our customers, are enthusiastic about the simplicity and the appealing visualization. The possibility of generating individual container groups for customers allows for better fleet management. In addition, our team finds the web portal and interface with clear dashboards very pleasant to work with. IMT has an open system and therefore also offers the possibility to integrate the data into our TMS. The ability to integrate additional IMT sensor technology is a much-appreciated added benefit!”

“The telematics solutions of IMT are used in many ways within our organization; transport and run monitoring, temperature and pressure monitoring, automated status messages, … that’s how we use telematics to the maximum,” according to Mr. Stefan Fontain-Vahsen, Deputy Technical Manager at Kube & Kubenz. “The advantages are therefore correspondingly great; witnessed in increased efficiency, transparency, cost savings, increased safety and the automation of processes and workflows. What we also greatly appreciate is that we now have a higher customer satisfaction through pro-activity.

With the Alerts function we can intervene early if necessary, during transport, which is essential in our business of extremely sensitive and hazardous gases and liquids. With the help of IMT’s telematics solutions, we can monitor our walkways seamlessly and ensure that temperature or pressure-sensitive products are monitored automatically, thus increasing safety. The automated use of geo-fencing is also possible. The system therefore reports if a tank is not forwarded or misses its connection. In this way, additional costs can be avoided. And IMT offers reliable coverage, which fits perfectly with our transport lines in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Digitalisation and networking of our tanks enables automation, increased transparency, better utilisation of equipment, more safety and higher quality standards, especially for sensitive and very dangerous goods. In addition, data can be collected better and data-based decisions can be made. In the future, networking (IoT) will play a special role in supply chains, so our equipment must also start to become smart. The use of telematics solutions is only the first step towards data-driven supply chains in Europe!”