The transition to artificial intelligence (AI) and big data is in full swing. Partly due to the global launch of ChatGPT, an advanced language generation model developed by OpenAI, a huge acceleration has taken place recently. The potential of AI, big data and machine learning, as well as the long-term and short-term benefits for the railcar and tank container market, is no longer a distant future but is happening right now. Together with our customers, IMT is now working on appropriate AI business models. For clients, IMT develops algorithms and uses machine learning tools to generate meaningful insights and derivatives, generating a solid foundation of information.

Looking at the tank container and rail car industry a mere ten years ago, there were myriad labour-intensive day-to-day tasks. Tasks that used to be a manual task for operators, which consumed a huge amount of time and effort to do correctly, and thus to manage as well, can now be supported by AI. The transition towards smart sensor technology has greatly alleviated pressure on operators, because measurements are taken and relayed automatically and continuously. 

A telling example in the AI telematics field is the full-empty status of an asset. Sending the full or empty status directly to the TMS avoids manual input, increases the speed of information and gives an operator the ability to deploy the fleet even more efficiently, through early signaling of available tank containers or rail wagons. With the AI tool we can help tank container operators to increase the utilization rate of their fleet. We turn raw data into useful information, without any effort required from the customer. With this we can generate more useful alert notifications, provide reliable and fast status changes, and increase overall visibility and efficiency.

A huge potential for operational efficiencies and cost benefits is proven by applying our telematics solution. Today, IMT is proud to present the next step: the introduction of AI in telematics. How can we help you to improve your transports and optimize your fleet efficiency? For more information please contact our Sales team for an appointment or no-obligation demonstration, just call +31 76 231 02 00 or send us email [marketingsales] @ [].

A download with more information on AI in tank telematics is available here (pdf) >>

AI in tank telematics: The future is now!