TALKE is one of the world’s leading providers of logistics solutions for the chemical world. With the new motto “Always a smart move” announced with the 75th anniversary of the company, TALKE wants to emphasize its entry into the digital age. An important contribution to the digitalization of all processes in the TALKE fleet is the implementation of the telematics solution from Intermodal Telematics (IMT) for the entire fleet. 

André Van den Broek, Director Transport at TALKE:

“We see the collection and intelligent use of data along the value chain as a key success factor. By increasing transparency across all processes, we significantly increase our customers’ efficiency as well as our own. 

Since we strive for quality leadership in chemical logistics, we have very high-quality requirements for our partners. IMT has fulfilled these through appropriate certificates as well as the successful passing of the Proof of Concept.” 

During the Proof-of-Concept TALKE tested IMT’s telematics for more than one year on different types of fleets with 100% reliable results. 

André Van den Broek, adds:

“Important was a simple and understandable documentation for the installation of the transmitters in German language as well as the fact that the installation is fast and easy. With the self-explanatory IMT pairing app we can connect all IMT devices in just 4 steps. We also appreciate the intuitive operation of the IMT platform.” 

TALKE will equip their entire fleet of approximately 2000 assets with IMT’s telematics; the solar-powered Communication and Location Terminal (CLT20-Ex) and Temperature Sensor (WT22-Ex). 

This implementation will allow TALKE to act on temperature status information in real time. It will also enhance the process of tracking equipment and capacity planning. The fast search possibility of the assets and the transfer of the information to TALKE’s customers, is one of the key benefits. 

“ Telematics is an essential building block for us to increase transparency along our customers.” 

André Van den Broek:

“Telematics is an essential building block for us to increase transparency along our customers’ supply chain and digitize processes. By collecting and intelligently linking the data generated at the various points, we create added value for our customers and for ourselves. It was important to us at TALKE that with the selection of the telematics provider all measurement data obtained can be connected via interfaces with our already existing logistics and controlling software and that a data exchange will take place automatically. With IMT, we have found a strong partner who meets exactly these requirements.”