Tank News International (TNI) paid attention to the IMT – Kube & Kubenz case study in telematics in March. Telematics is best explained with practical applications and the experience from the market with telematics. Read the contribution in TNI here:

Kube & Kubenz has been transporting and providing logistics for liquid and free-flowing hazardous goods and extremely sensitive gases for many years. It operates throughout Europe with a focus on DACH and BENELUX countries, as well as France, Italy and Spain. As a logistics specialist in chemical gases, the company is equipped with a fleet of 1,250 tanks and 150 tractor units. The ability to continuously monitor the transport of such sensitive and dangerous gases is of paramount importance. The transport of substances such as ethylene oxide, dimethyl ether or butadiene requires insight and temperature as well as pressure monitoring.

We were looking for a strong telematics partner who, like us, considers customer service, quality and safety to be very important. We first came into contact with IMT at a trade fair and then embarked on a test phase together. The pleasant cooperation in combination with the insights we gained and the accuracy with which we were able to follow the cargo, made us decide to expand our cooperation.

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