For the fifth time, the prestigious Safety Awards competition was held through the collaboration between ICHCA International (ICHCA) and TT Club. IMT is delighted to be a finalist for this year’s Safety Award, with our multiple temperature warning system. “This shows an appreciation of our team’s efforts to make a significant contribution to the safety of tanker transport of dangerous goods with our advanced remote temperature monitoring telematics solution,” according to Bernard Heylen (Sales Director IMT).

“We are very proud to be selected on the finalists’ podium with our innovative Tank Container Temperature Monitoring Solution,” states Bernard Heylen. “Safety remains a very hot topic in the tank container transport sector. With our multiple temperature warning system, we offer a digital answer to the increasing demand for safe transportation and remote monitoring of dangerous goods. We are highly committed to improving service quality and maintaining our social responsibility by preventing dangerous incidents.”

TT Club has been a driving force behind the awards from the beginning and has been very committed to improving security as a whole. TT Club is the established market-leading independent provider of mutual insurance and related risk management services for the international transport and logistics sector. TT Club’s primary objective is to make the industry safer and more reliable. ICHCA International, founded in 1952, is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the safety, productivity and efficiency of cargo handling and transportation worldwide.

For more information on IMT’s Tank Container Temperature Monitoring Solution, please contact the IMT Sales team via +31 76 231 02 00 or mail [marketingsales @ ]

On the photo moderator Mr. Steve Cameron (MD Cameron Maritime Resources) at the Awards Ceremony.