Founded in 1920, Den Hartogh brings over 100 years’ experience in delivering smart logistics for the chemical and petrochemical industries. The Dutch based family-owned company wants to offer the best possible solution available towards its customers. Den Hartogh has a great deal of experience in telematics in their logistics processes. The corporation with the Dutch-based specialist in telematics Intermodal Telematics (IMT) fits perfectly in taking next steps in providing smart logistics on their Tank Containers.

Nils van der Poel – IT Project Manager of Den Hartogh: “We want our customers to recognise and value our service of organizing safe and reliable transport of bulk chemicals. For more than 10 years Den Hartogh has been working on various telematics projects. In close cooperation with customers we want to further introduce SMART containers in order to improve safety, cargo quality and provide us more transport visibility. We always want to deliver a service that exceeds the market standards and we see temperature monitoring and temperature control as a huge contribution for the high standard we set ourselves towards an optimal customer experience.

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