Since 1979 Chemical Express has been transporting a wide range of liquid chemicals and industrial waste, including flammable, corrosive and other products classified as hazardous, as well as products that require transport at controlled temperature all over Europe. Chemical Express is accelerating the digitization process to provide a service that is up to date and compliant with customer demands.

These steps forward are taken in response to the continuously developing requirements in the transport of liquid chemicals in bulk, industrial waste, pharmaceutical products and food, for all of which Chemical Express can deliver logistic solutions. The use of telematics from IMT plays a key role in this process. Chemical Express is the first Italian company, in liquid chemicals bulk transport industry, that will use IMT’s telematics solutions.

Visibility and transparency throughout the whole supply chain has become essential in measuring tank container operators’ performance, as well as providing data on punctuality and accuracy of service, as well as providing flexibility.

Mr. Giuseppe Avallone, CEO Chemical Express: “In order to have a tool that would allow us to have all the parts of our internal process under control, we started looking for an experienced telematics partner that could provide the right telematics solution. IMT came to our attention through the IMT magazine “Telematics taking over” in which it described the company and the services offered. 

The main goal of deploying telematics was to have better control of our transports. When Chemical Express decided to have the integrated telematics system, a team of specialists composed of the I.T. manager, quality manager, technical manager and sales, verified the products available on the market, compared the services, the support offered and, last but not least the cost.

We chose IMT as a telematic partner for their professional approach and for their experience and good reputation in the market. Moreover, the possibility of having a photovoltaic panel battery, which would allow a solution with a lower environmental impact, was certainly a very important element in the decision making too. Last but not least the flexibility shown by IMT during video calls, led us to sign an important partnership that will surely last for many years.

From the range of IMT’s telematics solutions, we mainly use the Temperature Sensor (WT19-Ex) and the Heating Sensor (HS19-Ex), as well as the tracking solution, the solar-powered CLT20-Ex. Thanks to these telematics solutions, we now have the opportunity to optimize certain processes and to save time and money, for example by being able to check product temperature remotely.We always try to have all the telematics information integrated into our IT system, so it is immediately available for all the operators. We expect that this information will help us to monitor and to keep under control our transports, especially when our tank containers are handled by our subcontractors or when we want to monitor the heating process at (third party) depots for example.

Our expectations regarding the improvement of fleet management, times and costs are very high. We are now using both the IMT web application as well as the IMT Fleets App. We have been using the new technology for a few weeks now, and for the moment we prefer to operate by using the web application as there are more options. When the use of this Fleets app will be extended to all the operators, we expect a greater use of it, especially outside business hours. We expect that in the near future telematics services will be increasingly requested by the customers, allowing them to have total control of their merchandise.”

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From left to right: Mr. Carlo Oliviero: IT Manager, Mr. Antonio Colella: HSSQE Manager, Mr. Ciro Romano: TCCS General Manager, Mr. Giuseppe Avallone : CEO