IMT introduces solar-powered breakthrough in tank telematics

IMT continues to innovate to offer customers the most suitable telematics solutions in the rapidly evolving tank container telematics sector. The latest in a series of innovations is the new solar-powered Communication and Location Terminal (CLT20-Ex). Dethmer Drenth, Managing Director and Founder: “With the CLT20-Ex, IMT brings unlimited wireless data transfer to tank telematics, allowing for optimal accuracy.” This promises to be a real gamechanger, as it takes the monitoring of the safety and quality of the logistics process to a whole next level.

“Our brand-new CLT20-Ex monitors a tank container’s geographical location, its motion (shock and normal movement) and the temperature of the device”, Dethmer Drenth explains. “The CLT20-Ex is solar powered, enabling unlimited data transfer and long-lasting operational reliability on tank containers, wagons and other assets that do not have their own power source.”

“The CLT20-Ex enables unlimited wireless data transfer,
allowing for optimal accuracy”
Dethmer Drenth, Managing Director IMT

On top of that, our CLT20-Ex also serves as a central hub for all IMT sensors installed on a tank container. The measured values from these sensors are sent wirelessly to the CLT20-Ex. An overview of all the collected data, like location, temperature, pressure, liquid level, liquid residue, and heating temperature can easily be accessed remotely by using our web application. Drenth: “With our dedicated team of hardware and software engineers we’ve created this innovative full-fledged telematics solution to offer valuable and very accurate information for our customers.”

The CLT20-Ex special battery technology is able to maintain its performance for long periods of time (typically 10 years) having enough storage capacity to be able to keep the motion sending interval of 5 minutes for several months even in case of absence of solar radiation to recharge batteries.

The terminal switches on at configurable intervals, allowing for maximum insight. Drenth: “Because the data is sent via a built-in quadruple modem, you get a nearly real-time and worldwide overview of your fleet and its cargo. The CLT20-Ex provides a worldwide connectivity because of the two modems – a Pentaband 2G/3G modem and a 4G/5G (LTE-M, CAT M1and NB-IoT) modem. We really present a distinctive solution; no other telematics provider offers this multi-modem capability.”

Thanks to the ATEX IIC and IECEx certifications, the CLT20-Ex can be used for transport of both non-dangerous and dangerous goods. These certifications stand for an independent guarantee of quality and performance.

Intermodal Telematics

IMT is the world leading independent telematics solution partner for the tank container industry, offering smart sensor technology and a web application with which operators, container manufacturers, lessors and shippers can obtain the insights they need to improve their delivery performance, operational efficiency and safety. R&D, production, hardware and software development; IMT has it all in-house; cost-effective product development with a team of 74 people in the Netherlands and Spain, backed by an entrepreneurial management team with significant industry experience. IMT offers a complete range of monitoring sensors and telematics systems including location, temperature, pressure, full/empty and heating sensors, all connected to its proprietary software platform.