“The full-fledged telematics solutions of IMT help our organization to make better decisions and improve every day.”

– Anhalt Logistics –

Transports become more and more complex due to rising requirements from the customers. To make the right decisions and planning the transport equipment not only just in time but also with the maximum efficiency, it is important to have as many information and data as possible. The full-fledged telematics solutions of IMT help our organization to make better decisions and improve every day.

‘Our core activities are liquid transports. Since many of them are temperature sensitive, a frequent surveillance of these temperatures is mandatory. Especially in international and intermodal transports, it is not always possible to check the temperatures by our staff. Therefore, we searched for a telematic solution to track temperatures and positions.

We searched for a reliable working system, that can not only track positions, but also temperatures of both tank and heating system for the tank. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated IMT Heating and Cooling Terminal (HCT) we can now track and change remotely the settings for the Loebbe heating systems on our tank containers.

Since we transport more and more containers intermodal, we do not always know the exact position of the container. With the telematics solution offered by IMT, we are always able to track the container without being dependent on others. This changes the way of working with intermodal transports and makes them more efficient. Furthermore, we can track and monitor the heating of our tank containers much better. How much temperature is a tank container loosing during a transport, how much time did the container spent on a heating station. All these questions can now be answered and with that heating costs can be reduced.

Our tank trailers and tank containers were not equipped with a telematic system to track their position. This is now possible. Another added value is the possibility to change settings of the heating systems, which are attached to our tank containers.

With the IMT HCT-module, we are able to change heating settings of our Loebbe heating system from the office. The IMT Platform is self-explaining and easy to use. The platform offers several settings, so that every user can adjust the platform to their needs. Temperature warnings can be set and containers divided into several groups. Every department has their own group of containers in their asset group.  Telematic solutions become more and more important for us.

IMT’s telematics help us to get as much data as possible which we need to control, analyze and with that, making the right decisions for the future.’

Robin Anhalt,
Fleet Manager