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Telematics Special

"Pressure monitoring"

How can pressure monitoring support safe transport of dangerous goods?

In various industries, measuring the pressure is an important part of the logistics process. Especially when it comes to the transport of dangerous goods, where assets move along and through inhabited areas and are exposed to weather and other factors, constant monitoring of the cargo and the asset is required. The use of telematics supports shippers and cargo owners with the efficient and above all safe transport of pressure sensitive products. Especially if the 'management by exception' principle can be applied, so that timely action can be taken when pressure values reach a certain level.

Telematics is a game changer. It provides the vital data you need to control the transport of pressure sensitive dangerous goods. Find out how telematics enables our valued customer  Trifleet , a global Top 5 tank container leasing company, and their customers, to optimally monitor and efficiently organise the transport of pressure-sensitive goods, thus providing - as Trifleet calls it - 'peace of mind'.

IMT Special Pressure Monitoring

In the IMT Telematics Special "Pressure Monitoring" we offer you practical insights in the use of telematics, with a focus on the added value of telematics in pressure monitoring:

Find out more in the Telematics Special "Pressure Monitoring":

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