Pairing sensors and your asset in 4 easy steps

October 2021

We're happy to inform you that we are further expanding our telematics applications with the IMT Pairing App.

Attaching in 4 easy steps The IMT Pairing App provides a quick, secure and very easy way to attach any IMT device or sensor to a rail wagon, tank container or chassis immediately after physical installation. The pairing can be carried out anywhere, on site or in a depot, following only 4 simple steps. After the pairing, users can log in to see all relevant data in the IMT Web Application.


A short intro-movie on the IMT website shows these 4 steps. You can watch the video on our website >>

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To use the IMT Pairing App, it is necessary to log in. IMT also offers the option to set up restricted access users, so that depots or workshops can only use the IMT Pairing App without having access to the IMT Web Application, ensuring the safety of confidential customer data. In the IMT Pairing App, it is only possible to attach and detach devices or sensors linked to your company account. So the safety of the pairing process is accounted for in every way.

The IMT Pairing App is now available

in  the Google Play and Apple App Store.

The IMT Pairing App displays an up-to-date summary of the data received from those paired devices or sensors e.g. battery status, sensor data, last position coordinates and when the device last sent information. Finally, with the IMT Pairing App it is easy to detach (unpair) IMT devices and sensors.

Again, we take telematics to the next level, by giving you better tools and services you need to work more efficiently with our telematics solutions and to optimize the logistics processes.

Questions and support

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with your (sales) contact at IMT. If you need support in using the IMT Pairing App, or the recently released IMT Fleets App,  please contact IMT Support, available via email:

Best regards,

Bernard Heylen
Sales director

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