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March 2021

Dear Mr./Mrs.,

We would like to share the news with you that following the WT19-Ex, we have now also obtained the highest requirements within the gas groups for our pressure sensor. We are pleased to introduce the new PS20-Ex with ATEX IIC certification. The PS20-Ex can be used in the transportation of hazardous products in all sectors (Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Petro, etc.).

From now on we will deliver the PS20-Ex, and the PS18-Ex will no longer be in our product portfolio. Of course we will continue to provide services and support for the PS18-Ex. If you would like to know more information, you can request the Product Datasheet PS20-Ex by mail directly via this link >> 

Please provide your company name, name and email address and we will send it to you.

If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to contact your direct contact person.

Best regards,

Bernard Heylen,

Sales Director

Intermodal Telematics BV

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4815 PS Breda

The Netherlands

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