Smart tank sensors



1. Communication & Location Terminal (CLT)

The main sensor is also called the CLT. It includes a location sensor (GPS/Glonass/Cell location), a motion sensor (force measuring and time period adjustable), a shock sensor (for measuring collusions) and a communication system with worldwide coverage.

The CLT sends its own sensor data, along with the wireless retrieved data from all other sensors on the tank container, to the IMT server. The deployment of new firmware or configuration settings of the CLT and all other IMT senors are done over-the-air (OTA). This enables IMT to update any sensor anywhere at any time.

2. Universal Sensor / Pressure Sensor

This universal sensor is capable of connecting to, and reading out, data from any sensor with an analogue output. A typical sensor is a pressure sensor, but any third party sensor can connect to this universal IMT sensor after which the data is interpreted and shown on the IMT platform.

3. Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor measures the cargo temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit with an accuracy of 0.3 degrees Celsius. Based on innovative patent-pending technology, this sensor never needs calibration. The temperature is also shown on a LCD screen for local inspection.

4. Heating Sensor

The heating sensor measures at what temperature, and for how long, a tank container has been (or is being) heated. Based on this data an automated cross-check can be done with heating invoices by third parties. An alert can also be sent when the heating temperature breaches a pre-set designated level.

5. Full-empty Sensor

The Full-Empty Sensor is made up of two sensors that are welded onto the outside of the tank container at the 20% and 80% fill heights.

By registering the presence of liquid on the other side of the tank container wall, the exact moment that the tank container is filled and/or emptied can be identified.

Important: both sensors are non-intrusive so no drilling is needed to install the sensors and no tank tests are required after their installation.

IMT develops and produces standard and customised industrial intelligent sensors which generate and transmit data about the tank container and its cargo. Our innovative research has led to filing several patent applications.  

The standard sensors include a tank container’s location, ambient temperature, cargo temperature and cargo pressure. The heating sensor shows how long, where and at which temperature the tank container was heated by a third party.

Also, heating and cooling systems that are installed on the tanks can be remotely controlled via IMT’s platform.

IMT also develops tailor-made sensors. For instance, we developed exclusively for HOYER a non-intrusive and patent-pending sensor which digitally measures the liquid level and weight of the tank cargo.


Every IMT sensor:

  • Is optionally ATEX certified
  • Is IP69K rated
  • Passed several external quality tests
  • Has a big internal buffer to register data for years
  • Has an internal battery that powers the sensor for +10 years
  • Sends its data to the main unit (CLT) using encrypted transmissions
  • Is RF-enabled to get new firmware and settings OTA (over-the-air)