Communication & Location Terminal (CLT)

This is the main sensor, also called CLT. Next to a GPS / GLONASS / CELL location sensor, it includes a motion sensor and shock sensor. The internal worldwide roaming SIM-card sends all sensor data, also of other sensors on the tank, to the IMT server.


This sensor measures the cargo temperature in Celcius and Fahrenheit with an accuracy of 0.3 degrees Celcius. Based on a patent pending technology, this sensor never needs calibration. The temperature is also shown on a LCD screen for local inspection. LCD screen for local inspection, can log data for 2 years and has a lifespan of 10 years.


This sensor measures when, at what temperature and for how long a tank is heated. Based on this data an automated cross-check can be done with heating invoices heating invoices from third parties. An alert can also be sent via e-mail/App when the heating temperature is too high.


This universal sensor is capable of connecting to, and reading out, data from any sensor with an analogue output. A typical sensor is a pressure sensor, but any third party sensor can connect to this universal IMT sensor after which the data is interpreted and shown on the IMT platform.

Every IMT sensor:

  • Is optionally ATEX certified
  • Is IP69K rated
  • Passed several external quality tests
  • Has a big internal buffer to register data for years
  • Has an internal battery that powers the sensor for +10 years
  • Sends its data to the main unit (CLT) using encrypted transmissions
  • Is RF enabled to get new firmware and settings OTA (over-the-air)