Telematics Awareness @ ITCO village


IMT’s booth at the Munich show this year got a lot of attention from the market.

The tank container telematics strategy gives international logistics operators better control of their tank container fleet, which will drive the company’s profitability. Moreover, IMT’s smart technology helps enable the safe transportation chemicals, food and gas products while reducing the company’s overall environment footprint.

For tank container players, the message is clear: if a company’s IT system is creaking now as a result of years of bolting-on endless new modules, bespoke ‘tweeks’ and short-lived upgrades, it will soon be struggling to meet customers’ expectations in terms of their much-cherished end-to-end visibility and real-time reporting needs.

To stay in business, the logistics industry more and more acknowledged during the show that it must be prepared to standardise systems and procedures, decommission legacy software, standardise data, and improve reporting by leveraging smart tank container telematics.

IMT is raising the benchmark for the industry and creating real competitive advantage for their customers. The gap between leaders and followers is clearly getting bigger.