HOYER Fleet roll-out


HOYER signed today a roll-out contract with IMT, where IMT will install the full HOYER tank container fleet (around 40,000 tanks) with IMT telematics.

IMT’s telematics package will make HOYER’s entire tank container fleet ‘smart’ and have many benefits for both HOYER’s customers and the company itself. Information from different systems and data bases is combined to highlight instantly observable critical events or operational deviations.

Data from an individual tank container, or the entire fleet, can be aggregated and data mining tools can be used to visually highlight previously hidden trends buried in the data. 

Heiko Rumfeld, Director Business Unit Netlog at HOYER Group says, ‘HOYER has 20 years of experience with GPS solutions with different suppliers but, three years ago, we wanted to move from simple GPS solutions into far more informative telematics solutions. There were a very limited number of suppliers but one of those was IMT, which has proved to be the most reliable and innovative one, in everything from technical hardware development to building intelligent software platforms’.



HOYER has integrated telematics within customer-dedicated fleets for the past 18 months and both we and our customers have benefited from all the options available in IMT’s telematics. We want our entire fleet to have this capability, not least because our customers tell us that GPS location information alone has only very limited use

HOYER currently has 5,000 of its 37,300 tank container fleet fitted with different telematics sensors. As part of a five year programme, approximately 8,000 tank containers a year will be fitted with IMT’s telematics. ‘By the end’, Rumfeld says, ’HOYER’s total fleet of roughly 40,000 tanks containers will be equipped and completely digitally-managed, making it the world’s largest fleet of smart tank containers’.